An Example of Someone Going Through One of Our Debt Solution Programs


People end up in debt for a host of reasons and you might assume you are alone and none of your friends have ever been through this, the fact is it is very common. The average household owes more in consumer debt than they earn in a year and many would benefit from a low cost debt solution. You may have gotten sick, couldn’t work and ended up racking up consumer debt in order to eat. Whatever the reason if you find yourself stuck in a cycle of debt where what you owe keeps getting bigger and bigger we will have the debt solution to put you back on track to financial recovery.

First you need to understand the way consumer debt is designed. It has been designed in order to keep you in debt forever paying the minimum amount off your balance. This keeps the profits at your bank good and healthy. In fact the credit rating system is designed not to say who is best at managing their credit, but rather to say who is best at paying their monthly bill. Someone carrying a zero balance on their credit card will have a lower credit score than someone who has every card up at the limit and makes the minimum payment. The system is designed to identify the most profitable customers, not those who should be allowed to borrow.

So how do you get out from under a stacked system? You take the first step, and connect with INMO (Independent Network of Money Organisers) representative and take advantage of the many services available. These include, Debt Management, and Debt Settlement. Both of which are a range of solutions, which will help you to pay down your debts, avoid hefty interest payments, and become debt free sooner rather than later.

By visiting this website you have taken the first step towards financial freedom for you and your family. The question is are you ready to take the second step, and get in contact with one of our advisors who can help you to build a plan to get out of debt. It’s as simple as filling in the above contact box, and we will be in contact with you to help you manage your debt, and take control of your family’s financial future.

Our services can assist you achieve multiple benefits such as:

  • 1Easy and Quick Debt Consolidations
  • 2Lowering Your Monthly Debt payment
  • 3Eliminating Creditor Harassment
  • 4Choosing From Numerous Debt Consolidation Programs